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I don’t remember meeting Emmet Duffy, but since we both skate, the relationship will always be timeless. In these years we’ve traveled, stunted, freestyled, and most importantly kept it real. Emmet has been doing the damn damn for quite some time now, leaving boxes and ledges scared to show face, flipping in and out with about as much effort as it takes to make your heart beat. Knowing this, it was inevitable that the industry would shine some light on his hustle.

Check out his interview by hitting play below, downloading the Podcast hereRight Click then Save Link As, or reading the transcription below.

Emmet and I in PR in 2011

Emmet and I in PR in 2011

Emmet how are you feeling right now?

Yo I’m feeling good Dax, another lovely day in Chicago you know.

I know you’ve been working magic on your board lately, so what is your setup looking like right now?

As far as board setup, staying strong with the Zoo York Unbreakable board, Gold Wheels, Venture trucks, Nike SB on my feet, Ice Cream on my back.

Sounds amazing and like you got some things going for you.  Who have you been shredding with lately?  I know it’s chilly out there…

Yea it’s chilly in the Chi you know.  We’ve been taking a couple trips with my Ice Cream brothers Jamel Marshall, Andre Beverley, Stephan Martinez.  Yea dude just been getting it in with the Uprise Chicago fam out here when we can, trying to maintain over this cold Winter.

You’ve been living that jet life recently.  When you are on the plane, what is your go-to activity?

Skate videos, iPod getting pumped for the session in the next city.

What items do you always have to bring with you on your trips?

iPod is crucial, laptop is pretty important.  It’s risky, it’s an expensive item but it’s pretty important. Let’s see laptop, iPod…that’s pretty much it.  Oh and plane pillow, crucial.

That’s nice, gotta keep the head supported. So where’s the one place that you’d like to travel that you haven’t traveled to yet.

Man, I’d like to do more overseas stuff. I’ve been to Puerto Rico with my Affiliate family about two years ago and I’ve been to Bogota, Colombia around the same time.  That’s the only international travel I’ve ever done.  Got a small taste of it and I’d love to continue down that path.

I remember you always rocking Ice Creams way back in the day, reppin that shit super hard. Explain how you became a part of the Ice Cream family.

Ice Cream started back in the day, I’m actually looking at the first pair of Ice Creams I’ve ever had right now.  I’m standing in my storage room looking at them, haha.   Ice Cream started off with Ben Oleynik who’s running the whole deal over there and basically gave me the whole rundown and Pharell was interested in talking to me and having me represent.  The company has really good vibes and the team is real cool so I was immediately down for the cause.

It’s clear in skating that once you get an East Coast or West Coast zip code that you automatically get way more attention and exposure to the people and to the media, everyone that is around is keeping the sport and industry moving.  What keeps you in Chicago?

Man, just family, growing up here, all the homies I came up with are still here.  This is the scene I’m from and I’ve spent my whole life here; this is home.  You can always branch out to other coasts, other places, and feel the love, but the city you grow up in always has that special connection with you.  It’s hard to maintain out here though like you said.  The East Coast and West Coast are where the scene is mostly poppin at but that home vibe keeps me in the Midwest.

Emmet Duffy Ice Cream Ad

If you could give all the kiddies one secret to flip out tricks because you have them quite mastered, what would it be?

Hahaha……featherfoot.  Man, honestly, flip out is so hard and so complicated.  I don’t know…keep trying, keep practicing.  It’s all about staying calm, flipping out you gotta stay real calm throughout your grind, real mellow and have that proper mellow featherfoot effect on the ledge.

What’s your favorite spot to skate in the Chi?

Post Office hands down, Jackson and Dearborn.

So who or what is motivating you to go extra hard every day.

Life in general dude, watching all my homies around me succeed.  For instance you’re killing it…shout out Dax Miller, but ummmm, Chaz Ortiz that fool always keeps me super motivated.  He’s just doing the next thing and staying on it.  Uprise family keeps me motivated and primarily other people skating for sure.

That’s awesome.  Well that’s all I got for you I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I know it’s a beautiful day and you got things to stunt on.  I want to thank you Emmett for sitting down with me to do this interview and we’ll be skating real soon.  You know you got a room out here in Tempe, AZ waiting for you when you come out to film.

My man, much appreciated.

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  1. Dude is definitely pushing limits and getting some much deserved attention! Good interview.

    -Soma (Focus Eastcoast Skate Magazine)

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