Hustle Hard.

That’s what’s on my calendar every day.  Moreso, hustle is a mindset that I live by.

I bet you do too.

Many people live to work, while many others work to live.  Work does not equal hustle, but hustle can take the place of work.  What’s the difference?


Passion drives hustle.  The desire to be successful by one’s own means drives hustle.

Work is driven by a paycheck.

Dave Chappelle WacArnolds

Payday does feel good though.

There is a certain feeling that is associated with success via the hustle.  My guy Andre says he gets hot flashes.  Others I’ve spoken with say that it is a chill that sprints from their shoes to their face and reverberates into an infinitely growing smile.

I never saw people at work doing either one.

You're Cool

They usually look like this.

I’ve worked unfulfilling jobs (aka any job that you chose for the check), started a successful company with pocket lint, and created ventures that just flat out failed.

The latter still felt immensely more rewarding than any job I’ve had.

Boo to jobs.

There is a problem in all of this though.  You may never see a cent from following your dreams.  Hell, you may never even discover your dreams.

That’s part of the game, but there is hope.

See, when you are doing what you love and trying to put it out there, the amount of deaf ears that your creations will fall on is crazy.  What’s interesting is when you see them featured all in one place, the power is more than magnified.

The talent is flowing all around us.

On a daily basis, once it’s off that Facebook stream – it’s gone.  Off into the binary neither-regions of social media.  I can only imagine the amount of talent that goes unseen, unheard, or is dying to come out our friend’s external HD.

You are awesome for reading this.

I believe that there is a constant supply of hustle coming out of the people in my life. This website is to catch said overflow of hustle.

Here, you’ll see the hustle of people I know that HOTH Everything.  It will serve as my personal blog, but also have interviews, tutorials, and creations mostly relating to skateboarding, music, mopeds, technology, and every hustle under the sun.

If you want in, hit me up.  You need to be featured.

This is Hustle Overflow

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