There have been tons of people that have passed in and out of my life, some making bigger impressions than others, but all are appreciated. One guy made a 6’5″ impression on my sophomore year of college, and that is Patrick Tuggle.

Passion for music, freestyling, and overall kicking it made it hard to not want to hang out with this dude on the frequent, which I did to the point of DJ’ing in his group. To this day, it’s easy to see that there will be a project or two with our names on it, and this interview is the jump off.

Do you remember how we met?

It all started on a brisk Fall afternoon…ha, I’m just playin’, or wait, I’m not. We are talking 2002 here Hustle Overflow readers, back in the day when I was young; I’m not a kid anymore days. I used to always see this dude rocking braids, a la Mystikal, skating around campus. Not just skating to class, but busting mad tricks to boot. I thought to myself I need to kick it with this dude. Months later I was chasing some random chick from party to party and ended up and THE dopest frat party I have ever been to. I’m talking about blacklights like Tiggers basement, jungle juice, mad women and legit cuts being played. I had to peep the scene and low and behold Mr. DMilz was on the ones and twos killing it! I pretty much confessed my love, we freestyled (among other things), you threw me a gang of Affiliate gear and the rest is history.

How did the group you formed at NIU, Field Trip, come about?

Field Trip started with me and my homie Greg Cryns. Shout out to my brother killing it in SD right now! We had a speech class together our freshman year and he would always beatbox and I would rap. Little did I know that he was an amazing guitarist, singer, songwriter, and after hanging with me a few months, a dope MC. We both dug similar styles of music and we were looking for an outlet for our creativity. Greg printed 100 flyers for a house party with a live band…the only problem being we had no band. We frantically asked around until we met Noah Aird, big ups. Dope drummer for the reggae, ska, punk ish. We later reconnected with Ryan Pentzine our guitarist, we call him dancemaster, dude is ill on the dancefloor. Greg jumped on bass to fill the void.

For all of you wondering, we rocked that houseparty about as good as a band could that only practiced twice with a Fisher Price PA. Later down the road our good homie and rhythmic friend Doug Remec joined the party with percussion; congas, bongas and his dank beers. We happened to pry Mike DeGuzmon away from other projects for keys. Gooze is now touring with Passafire, peep them. Do yourself a favor and google Gooze Productions and watch in awe at out good friend. My table skills were sub par at best and I was more focused on being a front man and that’s how Dax joined the group…to this day you have laid down some of the sickest scratching I have heard on record, DJ Primo would be proud!

Me and Tugs

I’ve met him in person before

How did graduating from college affect your hustle mentality?
When I was rearing close to completing my “victory lap”, I had the mentality that I was entitled to a good job, decent pay, benefits, the whole 9 because I was a college grad. I snapped out of that quick. I had to separate myself from the thousands of other cats who just threw their caps in the air. I had to think outside of the box while applying to jobs, booking shows, etc. In short I had to give more of myself and be real. Hey, it’s worked so far. I started to sell myself almost like a battle MC, I’m the dopest interviewee this week, come get some.

Describe the Too White Crew era.

For those who aren’t aware, Too White Crew is the world’s only all live Hip Hop tribute band. These cats are a trip! If you haven’t seen them take the time and take a trip down memory lane. They play anything from Sugar Hill Gang to The Fugees, some songs better than the original artists. They have fly girls who will “wow” you, a horns section, b-boys and Boones Farm! You will know every song and probably drink a Colt 45 in the process. Now, back to the lecture at hand. Too White Crew (TWC) used to play at Starbuster’s up at NIU. Naturally, I bugged out when I saw them. I was hooked. I thought to myself, man, I could be doing this…I should be doing this. I stalked them through mutual friends and became their “email list, picture dude”. When they found out I spit they started having me freestyle over certain songs, which then led into me performing covers with them. I have had the pleasure of playing countless shows, opening for national acts, and drinking mad 40’s. Shout out to the T dub C, now Google them and peep a show dammit!

How often do you get an Ashton Kutcher reference?

Shoot son…I used to get them a lot more back in the day. Not sure if that doesn’t bode well for myself or his career. When Punk’d was hot I was, I guess.

P-Tugz Or Ashton Kutcher

Brothers from a different mother…and father?

What motivates you on a daily basis?
Paper son. Ha, no, just knowing I got the best out of the day. Doing right by others and Hustling Hard. Insert Katt Williams stand up, Dropping Fries at McDonalds like a G.

Fave video game?

I am probably the only dude out there who hasn’t touched a controller in years. I threw the towel in when Playstation came out, I don’t know how to work that ish. So I’m on the Contra tip, up up, down down, left right, left right, b a b a, select, start? If that don’t work you know I got the Game Genie.

Who in your hip hop world is hot right now?

Kendrick Lamar is absolutely killing it, such a unique artist. I am always down with the Minneapolis scene, POS has a new record dropping soon. If I can shout out a local (for now) act theWhoevers, NIU represent. These dudes are far and away my favorite cats to bump right now. Everything they churn out is the business, they put their pants on one leg at a time just like us, except they make gold records.

What city do you feel you’ll probably end up?

I feel like I have been to hell and back and I haven’t even been to Vegas. Chicago is where I shall stay grounded, I am too much of a Bulls and Bears fan to not have my local broadcasts.

Song that you could play on repeat all day?

A Tribe Called Quest – Phony Rappers, Deftones – Sextape Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think Im Sexy and Biggie’s 10 Crack Commandments.

Fitted or Snapback?
Fitted all day, I have a big dome and that is the only downside, trying to find them. Shout outs to the 7 5/8ths crew.

What 3 things do you need when you are in the studio?

A pair of sunglasses, a Goose Island IPA…or any IPA, I don’t get down with Black IPA’s tho and my trusted notebook!

In your opinion, what is missing from hip hop right now?
Well I want it to get back to straight lyricism with good content and jazzy beats. There is nothing wrong about making money and talking about what bottle you pop and your shoes, but save that for your singles, let me hear what you have to say on the rest of your tracks.…ugh, I love Tribe. I just need more Tribe, Common, Souls of Mischief, Pharchyde and Vanilla Ice…just seeing if you are paying attention.

What is on the horizon for Ptugz?

Hustling Hard! I have been doing a lot of writing for other acts, just tyring to get my name out there as much as possible while showing I can do more than just rap. I’m just staying hungry. I wanna be paid, MC Bizerker, Banchee tyring to eat, just living. If anyone knows that reference email me, we should be connected. Much Love to you Dax, thanks for taking the time to pick my brain and GO BEARS!

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  1. Miss u guys, hope all is going well, and wishing the best!! Much love from Sandy Ego

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